Comenius in

6th Primary School!!!

For the first time our school participates in an international School Partnership Programme COMENIUS and realizes the project named “ Mum, dad where is our family name coming from?” The project is a part of Lifelong Learning Programme which was legislated by European Parliament and European Council for years 2007-2013

The time of completion: September 2010 – July 2012

Comenius Programme aims to:

  • encourage young people and the teaching staff to develop knowledge of cultural diversity and understanding its values and European languages;

  • help young people to acquire some basic skills and life competence essential for their personal development, future employment and active and aware European citizenship

 Comenius Programme priorities:

  • Improve and increase the mobility of pupils and educational staff across the EU;

  • Enhance and increase partnerships between schools in different EU Member States,

  • Motivate and encourage pupils and educational staff to learn foreign languages;

  • Encourage language learning, innovative ICT-based content, services and better teaching techniques and practices;

  • Enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training;

  • Improve pedagogical approaches and school management.


SP 6 Tychy