1. Project summary:

During the realization of our two-year project as a part of Comenius Programme we want to find the answer to the key question which is also the title of our project” Mum,dad where is our family name coming from?”. In order to do that we together with students wish to investigate the students’ families fate , their descent, roots, the reasons of coming to Czulow and settling in the place. We will analyze the family trees, conduct the surveys and interviews with grandparents, organize the old pictures and keepsakes exhibition. We will try to get to know as much as possible about the history of Czulow families to let the students know and understand themselves better. We also wish to investigate the migration waves in our area, their reasons and influence on the local community.

Our quest will be enriched with pieces of information about local cuisine, music, stories, legends and children’s games. We wish to exchange the experience with our European partners and get some valuable information about their history, cuisine, music and education systems.

We will enrich our experience, win new friends and broaden our knowledge

May our project tree grow vigorously and bear the best fruit!

  1. Project targets:

Students’ search in the local community to answer the following questions:

  • Where are their families from?

  • What were the immigration and migration waves in the local environments of our programme partners? What were their reasons and influence on the local community?

Broadening the students’ knowledge of history, traditions, culture and customs, so as understanding the aspects of social life in the partnership countries.
Integrating with the local environment and closer acquaintance of its members.

Helping the students to discover their identities by collecting information about their roots.

Developing the students’ skills at using different sources of knowledge, searching information and interpreting the search results.
Drawing the students’ attention to phenomenon and problems of national minorities, Increasing the issues of tolerance , knowledge and respect to various ethnic groups , members of European Community.
Familiarizing with diverse education systems and teaching methods used in partnership schools. Exchanging the experience.

Developing students and teachers communication competence in using English language.

Developing students’ skills in using modern technologies and multimedia software.

Increasing the students’ creativity, motivation and their engagement in completion of the project.

  1. The results ( fruits of our actions)

A book with family trees, old pictures and photos of family keepsakes
A chart with analysis of migration waves .
A cookbook with regional recipes.
A CD with songs from all partnership countries.
A book with stories and legends.
A book with a common story written by all partnership schools „ Five Haitians in Europe”

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