Summary of the first trip of the Headmaster Ewa Kołodziej and the teacher Anna Klimsiak-Czech to Spanish school from 14 to 19 November 2010.
The trip to Spain was a first our of five planned visits as a part of realization our project.
The host scho
ol was C.E.I.P. Bilingual in El Alamo 20 km from Madrid. During the visit the participants agreed on the action plan and each school was given the tasks to conduct.
The success of the meeting was the fact that logo created under supervision of teacher
Justyna Biskup-Naumienko had been chosen the logo of our project!
e is a short account on the meeting:

The meeting with the teachers from Finland, Belgium, Italy and Spain gave us a great opportunity to get to know the systems of education in their countries, the organization of the school year or methods of education.
We had a chance to observe and participate
in the lessons and talk with the teachers.
A nice surprise was a flamenco dance performance and modern flamenco concert together with the characteristic for the region dishes prepared by the students.
A big surprise was to see Russian pierogi and dishes from Ecuador!
It came out that in
El Alamo there are some familie whose children go to the school.
El Alamo
is a typical suburbian town- quiet and friendly. The school is divided into three buildings and the canteen with a kindergarden.

Apart from the work on the project structure we had an opportunity to visit Madrid- the castle, cathedra. Prado Museum and a number of fantastic places such as Real Madrid Stadium. Together with C.E.I.P. Bilingual teachers we wnet for a trip to picturesque historical city near El Alamo - Navalcarnero and fantastic Toledo.

(account by Anna Klimsiak-Czech).

Project meeting in Finland

Headmaster Ewa Kolodziej together with two teachers Monika Sobiegraj and Anna Klimsiak-Czech visited from 16th to 20th May northern part of Europe in particular picturesque Finland. It was there were the second project meeting of Comenius partnership schools teachers took place. Evijarvi school was a host of the meeting. The town is 400km to the north from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Both the students and the teachers of the school gave us a warm welcome. They took our hearts by their calmness, self-control and endearments. The guests had an opportunity to participate in a welcome celebration during which the students presented some songs and acrobatic feats. After that all participants attended the lessons, could chat with students and the teachers who shared their experience. The surprising fact was the marking scale 4-10 (what do you think about 9+ grade?)

The everyday panel meetings of the partnership schools were a great opportunity to discuss the activities of the project realized by particular partners from November 2010 until May 2011. The presentation of our school started from the broadcast of the film “How are you Finland?” prepared by IV-VI graders. Each class welcomed Finnish school in a different way. Our students had a great fun when shooting the short films. Evijarvi school and the project meeting participants were very enthusiastic watching the film. In return they sent our school and community regards .

It turned out that Finland is not only a very hospitable country but also a beautiful one. A few historical sites and monuments but wellness of picturesque landscapes with surrounding forests and lakes. Together with amazing people and mouth-watering cuisine the stay in Finland could be compared with a visit to high standard stay in SPA&Wellness resort. Taking all into account it was very difficult for us to leave these fantastic people and the country. Hope to come back there. Since we came back we have been planning the next meeting in October… here in Czulow. So everything before us!

In the Picture above you can see the participants of the Project meeting In Evijarvi Town Hall.

Project meeting in Poland

We will never forget the time spent in Poland and your charming school”, ”Excellent organization”, ”Fantastic performance I could feel getting goose pimples while listening the songs” – these were only some out of numerous warm and full of acknowledges comments of 20 Comenius project meeting participants. The meeting took place in our school from 10th to 14th October. Our Belgian, Finnish, Spanish and Italian guests were nicely surprised with a little cold weather in Poland but they quickly found out that Polish hospitality, great organization and cordiality compensated for the whims of the weather.

In the morning of the 10th October we welcomed our guests in a traditional way with “bread and salt”. Later our guests went to the gym following the students holding their national flags The ceremonial Gala was conducted by Marta Góralską and Maciej Frycowski in English and Olga Okoń commented on it in Polsh. All coming guests together with Parents Board representatives and District representatives were warmly welcomed by our Headmaster Ewa Kołodziej. The school choir under the baton of Mrs Agata Parysz-Urbaś and Mrs Jolanta Delipacy sang five regional songs which character was emphasized by Silesian outfits of 4th grade students. Next all participants could listen to songs in our partner countries languages :Italian, Spanish, Finnish, French. The songs were sung by our students and commented in a funny way. During the performance our European guests reacted in an enthusiastic way, showing their interest with applause and ovation. The partners and our students were admiring fantastic decoration made by Mrs Justyna Biskup-Naumienko and Mrs Daniela Cyrnal. After the Gala the teachers took part in photo session. Commemorative photo and gifts from the Parents Board were nice souvenirs from Poland.

In the picture you can see the headmasters from our project partnership countries (two women – our headmaster and headmaster from Spain who was represented by the teacher first from left)

While our guests’ stay in Poland there were three project meetings during which we discussed the results of our cooperation, worked out the strategy for coming months. The teachers shared the experience from work over the project tasks and showed the results. The time of breaks was for our guests the time of autographs and they could feel like celebrities. To make the visit nice we prepared a few meetings and trips for our friends. Official meeting on Monday in the Town Hall with President Daria Szczepańska started with warm welcome and presentation of Tychy. The guests were given some nice gifts and went for a relaxing walk around Paprocany Lake. In the end they visited the Brewery Museum. They went to Auschwitz Museum on Wednesday and paid tribute to the victims. They spent the afternoon in Cracow which delighted them a lot. Many of our guests would like to come back to Cracow with their families and friends. Our partners loved Pszczyna Palace which they visited on Thursday. The visit schedule was very busy but we wanted them to have the best memories. Again 6 for 6 grade! In February the organizers of the meeting are schools from Belgium. The great challenge befor them! Organizing such a great event Leeds a lot of engagement and help of many people. We received help from teachers, administration and staff, students, parents and family members. We got a financial support from many sponsors. Thanks to common effort we reached our goal.

Many thanks to all for even the smallest help and support.

Comenius team

SP 6 Tychy